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Fluency Now


About Us

Fluency Now is a private English Language Academy located in Central Ohio and serving clients all over the world. Our goal is simple: we provide the instruction and support international students and professionals need to achieve fluency and accuracy in English without interrupting your primary studies or work. 

We offer a variety of classes and services, including intensive workshops, private English conversation tutoring, support for prospective international students applying to American universities, and long-distance learning. 




We are located in Central Ohio, and we serve clients all over the world. 



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Courses and Services

All of our courses are centered around the same principle: fluent, accurate English proficiency can be achieved quickly and easily with the right kind of lessons. Here at Fluency Now, we believe that no matter what you've come here for, you deserve to be comfortable and confident in all your interactions. We know from personal experience that that confidence begins with linguistic proficiency. 

Our distance-learning services are designed to get you where you need to go in English. Whether it be college essay coaching for prospective international students or Skype lessons, we will partner you with the education professional best suited to help you excel. 

Back-to-School Intensives

Back-to-School Intensives meet for two hours every day for a week. Perfect for anyone wanting to get back in the swing of things before school begins, this series will empower you to practice just the kind of English that you'll need to start off the semester right.

Long-Distance Learning

This is the perfect solution for students or professionals who know they are traveling to an English-speaking country in the coming months. You'll receive all the practice, feedback, and exercises you would in a face-to-face class, but from the comfort of your own home. Why not arrive to your new destination as confident as you can be? 

Private Conversation Classes

If you're committed to fluency and accuracy in English but your timetable doesn't permit an intensive, you can purchase a package of private conversation meetings and schedule them anytime between August and mid-December. We'll meet wherever works best for you (including over Skype) and work on whatever is most important to you at the moment. 

College Essay Coaching for International Students

The process of applying to universities in the United States from another country can be stressful and overwhelming. We’ll pair you with an education professional with decades of experience, and the two of you will work together until your essay is perfect.